Build-A-Lot Fairy Tales

May 25th, 2012 | By Lance Hayes

HipSoft Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

I wanted to share a couple of my tracks from the latest casual title “Build-A-Lot Fairy Tales” from the brilliant team at HipSoft. I had a great time expressing my inner magic kingdom on this one.
Just released this week “Fairy Tales” follows in the grand tradition of all HipSoft games, great artwork, devilishly addicting game play and cleaver design. If you haven’t tried any of the Build-A-Lot series this is a good time to jump on board.

Update: I’ve consolidated the Fairy Tales music into my larger “Game Music” playlist on my SoundCloud Page. Check out tracks two and three for “Fairy Tales Intro” and “Swamp Town”. Cheers!

Game Music by Lance Hayes (DJDM)

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