Lance Hayes (AKA DJ Drunken Master)

Award Winning Composer / Producer / Sound Designer

Winner ASCAP Bonus Award 2004, 2005 & 2006

Lance has been professionally involved in music, sound design and audio for over 20 years. During that time his work has been in high demand for the films, television / radio broadcasts, DVDs, video games, and software of such top level clients as Warner Brothers, Best Buy, Activision, The Discovery Channel, Nordstrom, National Geographic, Harpo Inc., Microsoft, MTV, VH1, Motorola and many others.

Equally at home with electronics as he is with orchestral and midi arrangements Lance brings a unique and substantial sound to his client's projects. From small and quiet to bombastic, from dance to soundtrack work he delivers what is needed to make the scene standout.

Lance Hayes
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The DJ Drunken Master Game Demo Reel


For an animated video demo click the play button in this flash viewer:

Click here to play all of the following tracks as an mp3 playlist

  1. "Game Demo Medley"
    (Clips from the following)
  2. "Night Goes Screaming"
    (Powerful Percussive Cinematic)
  3. "Ocean Express Variations & Themes"
    (Acoustic Electronica from the latest HipSoft title)
  4. "A Dire Secret In the Enchanted Mine"
    (Quiet theme becomes quickly bombastic)
  5. "UNSC AI "
    (Dark Drum n Bass from the E3 Presentation "Faces Behind The Games")
  6. "Gem Shop Theme"
    (Excerpt from my score for the upcoming HipSoft game "Gem Shop")
  7. "Blood Red My Shovel (darklight Remix)"
    (Remix done for band The Fading Collection receiving college radio airplay)
  8. "Meet Me at the Water"
    (Romantic theme - a fanfare remembered in the distance)
  9. "We Have Begun Our Descent"
    (World Elctronica)
  10. "In This Advanced Age"
    (Large String and Vocal Ensemble)
  11. "Waiting for Mr7"
    (Classic Hip Hop Style)
  12. "There's Something You Should Know About Me"
    (A dark transformation)
  13. "Western Skies"
    (A contemplative moment for our hero)
  14. "Pig Iron Overture"
    (Electronica intro with rock orchestra body - teaser)
  15. "A Sliver In The Dark"
    (Chorus music for a somber moment)
  16. "Hot Chicks Fast Cars"
    (A Big Beat Ruckus)
  17. "Assault - Bittersweet Farewell"
    (Dramatic score for string orchestra and percussion)
  18. "Colossus - Here They Come!"
    (Electronics and full rock orchestra collide in "Colossus")
  19. "Pillars of Versailles"
    (Ambient up tempo electronica with a powerful hook. Used extensively in WB "The Matrix Revolutions" DVD)
  20. "An Uncertain New Peace"
    (Evolving powerful score for large orchestra with a smooth and melancholy finish)
  21. "Hot Smack!"
    (A solid funkybreaks track that turns up extensively in the "The Matrix" DVD series)
  22. "Chopper Pumps"
    (This unrelenting beast was last seen in Best Buy's across the country as the trailer music for "The Matrix Revolutions" DVD release)
  23. "Invasion Theme"
    (The last round almost killed you and it only gets harder from here...)
  24. "Cold Remote"
    (Ambient textures delivered in a blanket of smooth ethereal flow)
  25. "Father's Madness"
    (Haunting Disturbed Bed)
  26. "Intersection ____ (___Remix)"
    (I Love Bees tribute track with screaming drum 'n bass subtext)

Music Excerpts from Games I've scored

"Flip Words 2 Medley"
(Music excerpt for the HipSoft game "Flip Words 2")

"Ocean Express Variations & Themes"
(Music excerpt for the HipSoft game "Ocean Express")

"Gem Shop Excerpt"
(Excerpt from my score for the HipSoft game "Gem Shop")

Greg Hastings Paintball Menu Music 'Hastings Vs Harris'

All songs written, arranged and recorded by Lance Hayes at Hell's Gate Studio
Published by DJDM DOT COM Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Copyright © 2007 Lance Hayes All rights reserved

Production Services & Content Delivery
  • Powerful & Original Sound Design:
    • Comprehensive Sound Design (real time, library, synthesis)
    • Content Creation for Film/Video Soundtracks
  • Custom VO:
    • Complete studio recording options
    • Voice Talent Delivery & Coordination
  • Inspired Music:
    • Original music composition and production for film and games
    • An extensive variety of musical genres available via custom work and or licensing
    • Remixing
  • Spot on Licensed Music:
    • Needle drop to high-end music licensing

DJ Drunken Master Strategic Partners

Permit me to save you time and money by working as your sound liaison cutting a clear path through the often complicated jungle of audio service options. I offer concise real world solutions in tandem with these exceptional facilities to bring you high quality, efficient results for all of your audio needs.

Recent Client List
  • Warner Brothers/Village Road Show Pictures
  • Best Buy
  • Microsoft (Xbox 360)
  • Harpo Inc. (Oprah)
  • Nordstrom
  • National Geographic
  • Fossil Watches
  • Discovery Channel
  • Eric Matthies Productions
  • HipSoft
  • The Independent Film Channel
  • Propellerhead Software
  • Discovery Health
  • Getty Images
  • American Data Technology Services
  • Jones Radio Inc.
  • A&E
  • MTV
  • Wavefront Semiconductor
  • Sports Diver Television

Detailed Credits List (Partial) 1999-2006:

  • National Geographic TV Special "Ship Sinkers" 2006
  • Activision (WXP) Playstation 2 "Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd" menu music 2006
  • Motorola National product promotion featuring the DJDM track "A Bloody Crush" 2006
  • Food Network The Next Food Network Star both 2005 and 2006 season episodes
  • Womens Entertainment (WE) 3 Men and a Chick Flick 2006
  • The Travel Channel and Discovery Channel Anthony Bourdain No Reservations and From Mao to Now 2006
  • Animal Planet A Panda is Born 2006
  • MTV (Airing 2005 -2006)

  • * Britneys First Baby
  • * Room Raiders
  • * MTVs Hot Popcorn: Movie Awards Greatest Moments
  • * True Life: I want the Perfect body II and Im Jealous
  • * MTV News: Rumor Has it movie special
  • * Made

  • VH1 - The Love Lounge (VOD) Episode 103 A Girls Guide to Getting it On 2006
  • Discovery HD (Airing in 2006) The Blue Realm (2004), episode, Miracle Venom (also available on DVD)
  • E! Network Gastineau Girls 2 (several episodes) 2006
  • A&E Bio Elements Biographies: Child Stars 2006
  • HGTV Crafters Coast to Coast (multiple episodes) and one episode of Thats Clever 2006
  • HipSoft - Creation and delivery of all original music / sound design for “Gem Shop” (2005) and “Ocean Express” (2006)
  • Microsoft - Original music licensed for "Faces Behind the Games" trailer during Xbox 360 launch event at E3 (2005)
  • NBC and syndication Oprah (Harpo Inc.) - Episode "Meet the heroes in the headlines" 2005
  • Getty Images - Multiple music blankets for prominent “Creative” online marketing campaign (2005-2006)
  • A&E Television - Music inclusion in various episodes of “Back to the Blueprint” via licensing (2005)
  • Discovery Health - Music inclusion in various episodes of “Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew” via licensing (2005)
  • The Independent Film Channel - Licensed music for various specials including "Top 10 Independent Film Icons" (2004-2005)
  • The Discovery Channel - Various specials via licensing (2004-2005)
  • Best Buy - “The Matrix Revolutions” DVD trailer broadcast in all stores in the continental US (2004)
  • Propellerhead Software - Subject of feature interview (2004)
  • The Blue Realm: Miracle Venom” - Aired internationally on National Geographic, in the US on Discovery Channel HD (2004)
  • Nordstrom - All music for national in house training video (2004) Winner of ASCAP Bonus Award for 2004 and 2005
  • Fossil Watches - Sound design for ad campaign Europe and Web (2004)
  • Wavefront Semiconductor - Music used as concept marketing tool at winter NAMM (2004)
  • Children's Hospital, WA - All narration and music for management focus video (internal) (2004)
  • Rainy Day Pictures - Narration/talent recording and audio post for “Living Life” Trailer (2004)
  • WG Studios Independent Film “Boyfriend Off-leash Park” Soundtrack, Narration, Post Audio (2003)
  • Track and Bio Featured in Craig Anderton’s "Mastering with Cubase SX/SL" Book from Wizoo/Steinberg Press (2003)
  • Receiving radio airplay of various tracks (remixes and original) on some of the nations top college radio stations (2003-Current)
  • Warner Brothers - Scored 19 tracks included in various “The Matrix” sequel productions (DVD, TV Specials) (2002-2004)
  • Jones Radio Inc. - Two original compositions used daily (beds) for nationally broadcast the “Alan Kabel Show” (2002-2004)
  • Propellerhead - Malstrom patch creation and sound design for Reason 2.0 software (2002)
  • Simple Star - Music licensed for Photoshow 2 software (2002)
  • Liaison to Sirius Satellite NYC for Jones Radio Network Seattle - Responsible for 140,000 voice talent files a year Studio, recording and delivery (2001)
  • Lover’s Lane LLC - License of original compositions and production work for use in independent film “Lover’s Lane” (1999)


"We've really enjoyed working with Lance because he's able to deliver great music tracks in addition to creating quality sound effects. He often provides multiple sound design options for us to choose from and he always delivers on time. We'll definitely be working with Lance again for our next project."

- Brian Goble, Owner HipSoft, Panelist GDC ‘06

"You can tell by Lance's music that he's both experienced and talented. From the standpoint of delivery it's always great working with him as he has a lot of output and his work is very high quality. Additionally I am a big fan of his music and he's a very popular choice with us here at the studio. I will work with Lance anytime."

- Jon Huck Music Supervisor, "The Matrix" Trilogy, "The Animatrix" DVDs, Box Set & TV Specials

"We refer to Lance as "DJDM On The Spot" because we know that we can count on him to quickly deliver extremely high quality work in a broad range of styles. When we need custom music or sound design for our client's projects he's on a very short list of providers that we turn to for content. That along with his amazing back catalog comprise a powerful presentation tool that we feel confident bringing to the project managers of top level international media projects. They tend to agree as Lance is one of our most highly placed composers."

- Lance Landiak VP Business Development and Director, The Decibel Collective Music Licensing

"In addition to being a great composer, Lance has been extremely helpful in the set up and use of Propellerhead Reason... I heartily recommend Lance to anyone needing compositions or applied musical expertise."

- Steve Turnidge ArsDivina Studio

"Lance is an excellent composer and musician. I've used his songs in a couple of projects, and they quickly became favorites. He is also incredibly easy to work with. Hire him. Give him money. Buy him flowers."

- Shelley McIntyre Content Manager, Shared Media Licensing and all content therein copyright © 2007 Lance Hayes, All Rights Reserved.