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Microsoft Studios Video Features Music by Lance Hayes

March 30th, 2012 | By Lance Hayes

Here is a link to the video that I scored for Microsoft Game Studios that saw heavily rotation during GDC 2012. Lots of fantastic footage in here! The guitar on the track is by the amazing Ian Dorsch. Check out more about him at Willow Tree Audioworks


AYGO Ad Features Music by Lance Hayes

March 10th, 2012 | By Lance Hayes


I just got word that one of my tracks for Toyota of Europe has turned up in an ad for the Toyota AYGO. Cute car! I collaborated on this project with longtime friend and contributor to the Forza Motorsport 3 soundtrack (“Hot Wheels Hawks”) Don Bodin.

Here’s the link

My Game Developers Conference 2012

March 10th, 2012 | By Lance Hayes

I’m still decompressing from the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco this week. Had a great time reconnecting with old friends and making a few new ones. The only thing I missed doing this year was the Marriott Sky Bar! How did that get overlooked? Anyway GDC 2012 was a smashing success and a lot of fun. Here are some of my favorite GDC highlights and memories in non chronological order:

First off, so glad that the audio lectures were back in Moscone West! First person I bumped into at GDC: Bob Rice. Right as I was getting off the shuttle at the hotel.

Before things got cranking I was standing next to Marty O’Donnell in a nearly empty room at Pyramind for the GANG Awards after-party while he played through Halo Anniversary. He offered feedback about the revamping in real time and it was thrill to chat about the project and a have him offer a few insights about the original Halo as well.

It was great to hang with old friend Sam Hulick and to meet his better half in the down right lovely Sara Pocius. She’s a keeper Sam!

Composer extraordinaire Adam Gubman will out dress you no matter how snazzy you think you look.

Randomly meeting the legendary Ian Livingstone in the basement at of Johny Folley’s and talking with him and other UK based luminaries over a dueling piano bar! So loud but also so good to find out that Andrew Barnabas is indeed a real person!

Two words: Mick Gordon. You define enthusiasm my friend.

I enjoyed your lecture with Garry Schyman about aleatoric music and Jason Graves, please feel free to call me Stephen from now on.

Talking at length with Jason Poss about his amazing career in game, TV and film as an orchestrator and all around bad ass! It’s not often that you get to hang out with the man that helped create some of the most iconic media in the world today. Bonus moment was sitting at a table with Jillian and Andrew Aversa and talking about Andrew’s work on the Phineas and Ferb video game and comparing notes about Jason’s work on the TV version.

Rooming with the multi-talented Jeff Ball! Jeff, thank you for listening to me babble during the wee hours after only one drink. One. Yes, thanks to family life and a busy work schedule I am now officially a cheap date.

Talking school and teaching concepts with IASIG Game Audio Education Working Group board member Stephen Harwood. Our conversation made me feel more comfortable about my first week, starting this Wednesday, teaching game audio for the masters degree program at PNWFS. Thanks for the tips Stephen, I owe you an email.

It’s always great to get your drink on with Mike Caviezel. Rock on my friend!

Two more words: Caesar Filori. To me, it’s just not GDC without you.

Chatting with friend Paul Lipson about work, impending fatherhood and life. Kids. Change. Everything!

Thanks to Shawn LeMone and Jennifer Harmon for putting together another wonderful ASCAP mixer. Always a highlight at GDC.

Standing next to friend Jason Hayes and explaining, more than once this week, to various people such as Tom Salta that we are not actually related.

Annabelle’s did not disappoint with their lovely grilled King Salmon preparation but I have to get over there more next year.

Having the opportunity to congratulate Wilbert Roget for his and Gordy Haab’s will deserved GANG Award for Best Original Instrumental. I remain a fan of Will’s work and it’s great to see him get the recognition he deserves.

I don’t know anyone that wasn’t touched by Kevin Riepl’s acceptance speech for his GANG Distinguished Service Award. I picked up both of my sons today and thought of you.

Sharing the same flight home with Scott Selfon, Paul Furio and lots of other Seattle luminaries was a little thrilling until we hit a some turbulence as we descended into Sea-Tac at which point it became a lot thrilling. Is it ever a good idea for the flight attendant to say “we are going to experience some turbulence. Parents, please  hold onto your children very tightly!”?

And finally here is a partial list of people it was great to see and or meet and chat with for far too short a time: Carsten Rojahn, Otto Cate, Jesse Harlan, Hillary Thomas, Ben Crossbones, Mark Kilborn, Dren Mcdonald, Brian Schmidt, Jeffrey Michael Deary, Gerard Marino, John Culkin, Morla Gorrondona, Chris Rickwood, Rod Abernathy, John Rodd, David Kates, Michael Patti, Will Loconto, Joshua Mosley, Brian DiDomenico, Billy Martin and so many more!

Till next year all, cheers


Lance Hayes