Interview – IGN Denmark

May 5th, 2015 | By Lance Hayes

IGN Denmark Profile of Lance Hayes


The interview I did with IGN Denmark just went live, and hey, I made the front page! Interviewer Kristian West was interested in learning about my work in the studio and we talked about my background in the industry. (Some of which ties in nicely with my “A Career In Audio” talk I’m slated to give this weekend at DigiPen) We discussed the tools I use, and since he has a particular interest in Reason, we talk specifics about some of my favorite setups and how I use the Propellerhead flagship software.

I had a great time talking shop and was delighted that he selected some of my lesser known works from my indie soundtracks to showcase among the crowd favorites from the Forza series in this interview.

The entire piece is in Danish so, if you’re like me, you will probably need a translator. If so, Google Translate does a reasonable job. Cheers!


IGN Denmark 02 Lance Hayes

What Can We Do For You?

January 27th, 2015 | By Lance Hayes


Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to work on projects of all sizes for developers and publishers such as Microsoft, Activision and Nintendo. To assist me I’ve assembled a crack team of audio professionals and contractors. I’ve worked with the best on projects ranging from composing 8bit to orchestral soundtracks, creating original sound design and field recordings to implementation and more.

As an independent contractor I’ve spent years crafting audio that fits perfectly into titles so my team and I are focused on delivering great audio experiences. With award winning talent from projects that span next gen consoles, handheld and PC titles our skills range across the entire spectrum of audio disciplines, (a list of some of the titles we’ve worked can be found here). We specialize in bringing the sound of the games we work on to life.

We’re available for new projects, no game is too big or too small, Indie to Fortune 500. Please contact djdm at djdm.com for more information to make your project’s audio stand out!

For the latest updates about the studio please see our Twitter and Facebook pages.


Build-A-Lot Fairy Tales

May 25th, 2012 | By Lance Hayes

HipSoft Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

I wanted to share a couple of my tracks from the latest casual title “Build-A-Lot Fairy Tales” from the brilliant team at HipSoft. I had a great time expressing my inner magic kingdom on this one.
Just released this week “Fairy Tales” follows in the grand tradition of all HipSoft games, great artwork, devilishly addicting game play and cleaver design. If you haven’t tried any of the Build-A-Lot series this is a good time to jump on board.

Update: I’ve consolidated the Fairy Tales music into my larger “Game Music” playlist on my SoundCloud Page. Check out tracks two and three for “Fairy Tales Intro” and “Swamp Town”. Cheers!

Game Music by Lance Hayes (DJDM)

Lance Hayes